Nazrul Committee of Connecticut / Nazrul Endowment Program

Mission and Vision

Nazrul Committee of Connecticut / Nazrul Endowment Program

Since 2006, the Nazrul Committee of Connecticut has planned, organized, and hosted events guided by the spirit, example, and scholarship of internationally known and globally recognized activist/scholar/poet/philosopher Kazi Nazrul Islam, the first poet laureate of Bangladesh.

From symposia to lectures, from poetry readings to play performances, the Nazrul Committee of Connecticut endeavors to make relevant, visible, and urgent Kazi Nazrul Islam’s work with regard to equality, social justice, peace, and human rights.

In 2011, the Nazrul Committee of Connecticut – in partnership with the UConn Asian American Cultural Center and the Asian and Asian American Studies Institute – embarked on a highly successful fundraising campaign intended to institutionalize its programmatic and scholarly vision with regard to commemorating and contemplating Kazi Nazrul Islam’s legacy. 2012 marked the inaugural year for the Nazrul Endowment Program, which annually funds scholarly lectures, creative arts programs, and other human rights initiatives.

The Committee will work to:  Initiate, support and facilitate student involvement with Nazrul’s works, emphasizing his relevance to the contemporary world; Carry out comparative studies of Nazrul’s literature & philosophy with those of other internationally recognized writers & philosophers; Introduce Nazrul’s literature in the University curricula; Eventually establish Nazrul chair at UCONN; and Establish partnerships with international academic and research institutions to promote and share Nazrul’s literature and music.

Action Steps

Set up a UCONN-Nazrul website

Establish a Nazrul archive in collaboration with the Nazrul Institute of Bangladesh

Generate interest & awareness through seminars, student’s participation in recitation, play, workshop, exhibition, etc.

Participate at UCONN’s programs like “Courageous Conversations”, “Human Rights Seminars”, Religious Tolerance, & other relevant ones

Collaborate with other departments, e.g. Human Rights, Drama, Comparative Literature, Indian history, Music, etc.

Include Nazrul study as part of a curriculum under any of the above departments

Establish Nazrul Lectureship Program

Establish Nazrul Chair

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